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    Tamotsu Men Health Supplement

    Tamotsu Men Health Supplement – Man Nourishment Boost Energy can improve male prostatic hypertrophy, inflammation, balance the male body hormone levels, is to help maintain the health of the urinary system, improve sexual function, enhance physical fitness the best nutritional quality.

    RM 95.00RM 340.00
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    Swisscorr Easy Fit

    EASY FIT transdermal patches offer a unique technology delivered in a sleek dermal delivery system designed for effective application and flexible use.

    RM 105.00RM 310.00
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    Swisscorr Bust Oil

    Unbelievable enhanced, lifting and firmming the breast within a week!
    Lingthen skin colour and prevent breast cancer. Ingredients are made from natural botanical oil.
    Ladies, let’s start to discovery the miracle result with this amazing gift! You will never regret!

    RM 155.00RM 435.00
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    Susenji MOFA+

    Susenji MOFA+ is an all natural, no side effects, orange-flavoured and essential healthy diet supplement drink for the modern day person.

    RM 168.00RM 320.00
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    Susenji Gold Body Massage Gel

    Perfect Secret – Having beautiful appearance and slim body is the ultimate goal for women. In order to achieve long lasting slimming objective, we must reduce caloric intake and increase fat burning at the same time.

    RM 168.00RM 320.00
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    SoFit Swisscorr

    Delicately Balanced for Slimming, Beauty and Detoxification. SoFit helps improve body metabolism and support healthy weight loss. Effectively slim down your body.

    RM 168.00RM 300.00
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    Sexy pajamas extreme temptation and sexy  mm XL hot sexy lingerie transparent lace suspenders


    RM 68.00 RM 38.00
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    Silky Sexy Lace Sleepwear

    Pajamas autumn Korean version of the fresh princess wind ice silk sexy nightdress summer new tide autumn and winter cute

    女人对丝绸的钟爱有千丝万缕的情愫,本款仿真丝吊带睡裙,精选上乘优质丝绸面料为底,面料顺滑,柔软,比丝绸更抗皱,具有不起球、不缩水、 透气性佳等优点,简约而优雅的设计,轻松绽放性感魅力,每个女人值得拥有

    RM 68.00 RM 48.00
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    Silk Sleepwear

    Japan’s new nightdress female autumn ice silk sexy lace with chest pad hot back silk sling sleepwear

    日本新款睡裙女秋 冰丝性感蕾丝边带胸垫火辣露背丝绸吊带家居服

    RM 68.00 RM 58.00
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    Sexy Lace Bikini

    New sexy lingerie lace transparent three-point temptation set bra


    RM 38.00 RM 28.00
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    Sexy Barbie Lingerie Set

    Lace three-point hot temptation transparent thin underwear ladies thong sexy bra no steel set


    RM 48.00 RM 38.00
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    Sexy Angels

    • Hand wash cold ONLY
    • Do not mix colors
    • Do not bleach
    • Do not soak
    • Avoid direct sunlight when drying
    • Iron / steam with low heat
    RM 88.00 RM 58.00

About Inner Sensual

Inner Sensual is an established company which provides various type and brand of apparels in Malaysia since 2016. We provide stylish sexy lingerie and sensual wellness store curated for women with high quality products that truly enhance your personal pleasure ! at affordable price. Inner Sensual enables users to purchase apparels more fast and convenient. We strongly belief that our services will bring satisfaction towards our customer.

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