Beautang Japan Healthy Slim

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Beautang Healthy Slim Morning can help you to burn off excess body fat and speed up the body’s metabolism, Beautang Healthy Slim Night function as detoxification for the day.

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Beautang Japan Healthy Slim

Healthy Slim is Beautang series of slimming dietary programme which provide you a healthy looking and slimmer figure, even without exercise. It include 2 main products of Beautang – Healthy Slim Morning and Healthy Slim Night which is able to maintain calorie equal to 1200kcal in a day and help you lose at least 5 pounds of weight in 2 weeks.

Healthy Slim Morning as nutritious breakfast and Healthy Slim Night function as detoxification for the day.

Benefits of Beautang Japan Healthy Slim

  • Prevent and stop constipation
  • Expels wastes and toxins from your body
  • Improve bowel health
  • Lower harmful cholesterol
  • Cleanse blood and detoxify body
  • Trim your body shape
  • Restore youthful and shinning skin
  • Strengthen your immune system

How To Use

Morning: Mix 1 sachet Healthy Slim Morning to a glass of lukewarm water (300ml), stir and consume immediately (empty stomach).

Night: Mix 1 sachet Healthy Slim Night to a glass of water (300ml), stir and consume immediately (before bed).

Begin with Healthy Slim Night before bed, followed with Healthy Slim Morning the next morning on empty stomach.



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Weight 0.7 kg

1 Box, 2 Boxes, 4 Boxes


15 sachets slim morning & 15 sachets slim night


Healthy Slim Morning Ingredients: Organic Soya, ISP, Oat, Cereal, Multivitamin, Organic Coffee, Dextrose
Healthy Slim Night Ingredients: Phylium, Citric, Organic Pineapple, L Carnitine, Maltodextrin, Chlorophill, Garcenia