CCI Sakura Virginal Queen

CCI Sakura Virginal Queen

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Modern medicine proves that CCI Sakura Virginal Queen is rich with motherwort and many types of active phytoestrogen which will solve a myriad of women’s problems predominantly during menstruation.

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CCI Sakura Virginal Queen

Modern medicine proves that CCI Sakura Virginal Queen is rich with motherwort and plenty types of active phytoestrogen  in an effort to remedy a myriad of ladies’s problem spredominantly at some stage in menstruation. Anti-aging and promote uterine contractions while it strengthens the conjugal relation. In the book ‘Herbal Supplements’ it states that good motherwort assist to promote radiant skin and beauty.

Ladies of new era generation, they need to face of socioeconomic problem and family pressures, the most sad problem is physiological issue. From the stage of teenage period, adulthood, middle age to old age, women must face all kinds of different physiological changes according to hormone imbalance greatly which have an affect menstrual issues, including fertility, dry skin, face bleak, frigidity, breast sagging, premature aging and so on.

The type and amount of melanin (sinking pigmentation) contained in the body is the key to our skin tone. Because women in Southeast Asian countries are exposed to the sun and ultraviolet rays all year round, a large amount of melanin is formed and precipitated in the dermis. Causes uneven skin tone and dim.

SAKURA is rich in celebrity whitening ingredients, glutathione, cantaloupe, cherry, apple and raisin cells. It protects human epidermal stem cells, enhances their survival rate and promotes epidermal regeneration. Excellent antioxidants keep the skin young and tender. Million skin cells inject new vitality, freeze the skin’s slippery state and source to block the deposition of melanin. Make your body’s skin from head to toe more white and bright.

Benefits of CCI Sakura Virginal Queen

  • Recuperate & Reduction Yam
  • Breast enhancement & Whitening
  • Improve frigidity
  • Invigorate blood
  • Remove vaginal odor
  • Prevent cervical cancer
  • Regulate menstrual cycle
  • Reduce menstrual pain & leukorrhea

How To Use

Pour the powder top of the tongue and let it be dissolve and absorb.
If you find no suitable with the above method, you may mix the powder with water.
(Take 1-2 sachet before breakfast)


Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg

1 Box


20 sachets


Shrink pores
Strengthen mucous membrane
Keep your skin radiant and young
Improve overall skin condition
Accelerate skin cell regeneration
Moisture-retention ability
Reduces oxidative stress
improve psoriasis
Reduces cell damage
Improves insulin resistance
Reduces symptoms of Parkinson’s disease
Fight against autoimmune disease
Reduce the impact of uncontrolled diabetes
Reduce respiratory disease symptoms
Suppress blood pressure rise
Lower blood cholesterol
Anti thrombosis
Prevent of cardiovascular diseases
Inhibit blood sugar rise
Promote the absorption of calcium
Improve immune function
Inhibit fat deposition
Improve blood antioxidants
Maintain cardiovascular disease
Lower cholesterol
Enhance memory
Prevent cancer
UV protection
Run the bowel
Prevention of colorectal cancer
Improve immune function
Help growth and development
Promote intestinal health
Eliminate free radicals
Anti-tumor activity
Prevent platelet aggregation
Strengthen and tighten vaginal muscle wall
Restore vaginal compaction
Reduce bad odor of the vaginal discharge
Improve frigidity
Maintain youthfulness, delay aging
Contribute to radiant and supple skin
Enhance feminine allure
Improve intimacy between married couples
Increase your chance of getting pregnant
Strengthen bone and improve memory
Improve irregular menstrual periods
Reduce menstrual pain and leukorrhea
Improve menopausal syndrome
Enhanced osteoblast
Improve osteoporosis
Reduce the incidence of breast cancer
Prevention of cardiovascular disease
Regulation of estrogen
Delaying female aging
Excrete harmful toxins in the body
moisturises the skin
Reduce skin melanin
Whitening skin Reduces fine lines
Prevent fetal malformations
Prevent liver cell steatosis and inhibit fibrosis
Promote human body blood production
Improve vision, prevent cataracts
Enhance skin cells against sun protection
Regenerate stem cells
Activate cells
Repair damaged cells