Champion SHE Supreme Queen


Champion SHE Supreme Queen

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Modern medicine proves that Champion SHE Supreme Queen is rich with motherwort and many types of active phytoestrogen which will solve a myriad of women’s problems predominantly during menstruation.

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Champion SHE Supreme Queen

The best female life good helper!

Women of neww era generation, they have to face of socioeconomic problem and family pressures, the most sad problem is physiological problem. From the stage of teenage period, adulthood, middle age to old age, women must face all sorts of different physiological changes according to hormone imbalance greatly which affect menstrual problems, such as fertility, dry skin, face bleak, frigidity, breast sagging, premature aging and so on.

Benefits of Champion SHE Supreme Queen

  • Enough blood for menstrual regulation, female beauty stay tune
  • Menstrual pain lesser, lesser vaginal discharge, not easy to feel cold
  • Improve frigidity
  • Eliminate odours uterus
  • Cervical Cancer Prevention
  • Bust firming
  • Improve sleep, pigmentation
  • Delay menopause
  • Endocrine conditioning
  • Conditioning postpartum uterine prolapse

How To Use

Pour the powder top of the tongue and let it be dissolve and absorb.
If you find no suitable with the above method, you may mix the powder with water.
(Take 1-2 sachet before breakfast)


Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg

1 Box


20 sachets


1) Motherwort
Activate blood, balancing hormones, relieve blood congestion and abdominal pain and leucorrhoea problems, maintain the kidney conditions, edema, increase energy and protect the eyes, ease circulation of oxygen in the body, help to solve infertility problems, help to ease in uterine bleeding, menstrual disorders, inflammatory and diuretic.
2) Labisa Pumila
Maintaining youthfulness, slow the aging process, maintain skin elasticity and radiation, increasing the attractiveness of being feminine, solve problems of leucorrhoea menstrual disorders, harmonize the relationship of husband and wife, fertility, strengthen bones and improve memory.
3) Quercus Infectoria
Strengthen and maintain the vaginal wall and tautness, reduces odor, enhance sensual female attractiveness.
4) Papaya
Increase metabolism, increase immunity, relieves fatigue and coprostasis, repair damaged cells and tissues, enlarge breast, prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes and anti-oxidant.
5) Lobaca Mirifica
Promoting regeneration, improving physical body, firming of breast, detoxification, increase libido, relieve endocrine disorders, restore youthfulness.
6) Red Grape
Eliminate free radicals, prevent platelet clumping, anti-tumor.