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Delicately Balanced for Slimming, Beauty and Detoxification. SoFit helps improve body metabolism and support healthy weight loss. Effectively slim down your body.

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SoFit Swisscorr

Delicately Balanced for Slimming, Beauty and Detoxification. SoFit helps improve body metabolism and support healthy weight loss. SoFit is formulated with Fibersol-2 , inulin helps to relieve occasional constipation and select studies show that it improves stool consistency. SoFit also helps retain moisture from the liquids you drink. Frequent use helps avoid dry-looking, brittle or flaky skin.

Effectively slim down your body within shortage of period. Safe to use, registered with Ministry of Health Malaysia.

STEP 1: Increase fat consumption
Contains the quick-acting fat-burning ingredients of Garcinia Cambogia HCA can quickly activate adrenaline to increase fat consumption. The effect of HCA is to inhibit one of the enzymes of ATP CITRATE LYASE when the body glucose is converted to fat, so that the fatty acids can not be synthesized and inhibit the progress of the glycolysis. Raspberry Ketones extract promotes human basal metabolism, reducing subcutaneous and visceral fat.

STEP 2: Reduce sugar & fat absorption
Inulin makes the stomach saturated, so that the body reduces the intake of food, thereby reducing the excessive intake of fat caused by fats , sugars accumulation.

Water-soluble dietary fiber Fibersol-2 blocks sugar absorption;

L-carnitine to reduce intestinal absorption of fats in the food, control the body’s intake of calories, to prevent the new fats storage.

STEP 3: Accelerated Fat Decomposition & Burn Fat
L-carnitine can promote the activity of mitochondrial lipolytic enzymes, the rapid decomposition of the accumulation of fat, to achieve the effect of fat burning.

Raspberry ketones promotes the basal metabolism of the human body, effectively promoting subcutaneous fat reduction and reducing visceral fat.

STEP 4: Increased satiety
HCA can also stimulate the satiation center, suppress appetite, food intake will naturally reduce; Water-soluble dietary fiber Fibersol-2 , inulin gives the stomach a sense of saturation too.

Step 5: detoxification
Water-soluble dietary fiber Fibersol-2, inulin promotes intestinal production of beneficial bacteria, increasing intestinal peristalsis, softening feces and accelerating bowel movements.

Step 6: Beauty
L-Glutathione, hyaluronic acid has antioxidant, whitening, moisturizing effect, so that the skin become hydrating, smooth, soft and firm.


Benefits of SoFit Swisscorr

  • Burn Fat
  • Increase Body Metabolism
  • Reduce absorption of carbohydrate
  • Reduce absorption of fats
  • Reduce body fats
  • Improve bowel movements
  • Suppress appetite
  • Increase intestinal bacteria
  • Anti- oxidant
  • Skin whitening
  • Reduce liver toxins
  • Improve skin smoothness and radiant
  • Improve skin elasticity

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