Susenji Gold Body Massage Gel


Susenji Gold Body Massage Gel

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Perfect Secret – Having beautiful appearance and slim body is the ultimate goal for women. In order to achieve long lasting slimming objective, we must reduce caloric intake and increase fat burning at the same time.

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Susenji Gold Body Massage Gel

Susenji Gold Slimming gel is an upgraded version of the wildly popular Susenji Gel. On top of the slimming properties of the previous gel, Susenji Gold boasts double the fat burning effects, and skin whitening and anti-aging care. It also comes with a new medical grade steel rollerball massage head, eliminating the need for a separate massager or using your hands.

Susenji Gold creates a beautiful body posture for all beauty lovers, help them to obtain their ideal body figure. It not only imply the scientific concept of slimming, but also selects the best quality materials to develop the healthy slimming products which suitable for all consumers. Susenji Gold shake off the shackles of fat, makes every consumers obtain slimming and beautiful skin effects in once.

The immediate sensation is cool and not oily. Upon massaging the product in, you would experience a pleasant warm sensation. Sometimes your skin would be a little red and slightly itchy, these are normal symptoms as your blood circulation is stimulated and improved. As there is no chilli ingredient, there is no burning sensation.


All skin types
Busy working adults
Pregnant ladies but to avoid tummy and breast areas

Benefits of Susenji Gold Body Massage Gel

  • Fat Decomposition
  • Fat burning
  • Revitalizes skin’s metabolism
  • Lightening stretch marks and cellulite
  • Skin firming
  • Eliminate edema
  • Skin whitening and brightening
  • Massage and stimulating acupoint


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