Susenji MOFA+

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Susenji MOFA+ is an all natural, no side effects, orange-flavoured and essential healthy diet supplement drink for the modern day person.

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Susenji MOFA+

MOFA+ is an upgraded version of Orange MOFA with +48% efficacy.

MOFA+ is an all natural, delicious passionfruit and orange flavoured supplement that helps with cooling and detoxifying, removing waste to avoid toxic retention.

Benefits of Susenji MOFA+

  • Promote bowel movement and keep intestines healthy
  • Balance blood pH level, improves overall health
  • Long term slimming effect as body system is cleansed
  • Effectively strengthen and improve digestive functions
  • Reduce body’s heatiness to promote detoxification
  • Promote metabolism to maintain a healthy weight
  • Eliminate edema
  • Improve blood lipids level in body
  • Reduce inflammatory markers
  • Reduce water retention
  • Improve skin complexion
  • Stimulate growth of probiotics

How To Use

Dissolve 1 sachet SUSENJI MOFA+ in 200ml of normal room temperature water. Consume daily before bedtime. Gentle discharge of stools within 8-10 hours. No colic, no injury

DO NOT use hot water
It is normal to have more bowel movements within the first week of taking MOFA+. This is a normal reaction of your body adapting to MOFA+ cleansing process
Suitable for men & women aged 12 and above, muslims, vegetarian, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers
Store product in a cool and dry place out of direct sunlight
Remember to measure/take a photo to compare after 1-2 weeks


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